Organization Details for Surrogate Motherhood

As an institution which has ensured thousands of couples to have babies with eggs donation and sperm donation in our centers in Cyprus for the last 5 years and Crete for 17 years we are providing services to families who are longing for baby with the necessary legal guarantee in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. In order to fulfill the legal requirements and to protect the rights of the couple applying to this procedure, our team, which is an expert in surrogacy, ensures that the agreement is signed at the notary authorized by the Georgian state between the applicant couples and the surrogate mother, both in Turkish and Georgian, including the arrangements that protect all rights of the family and the newborn baby.

Thus, after the surrogate mother gives birth the baby to be born will belong to the couple and the surrogate mother cannot claim any rights on the baby. Surrogate mother cannot claim any rights on the baby in any part of the world.

Our Turkish speaking team in Tbilisi will be with you throughout the whole process.

You and your baby's health and safety are under our guarantee.

Organization of Surrogate Motherhood Process

In order to finalize the procedures, you can stay in Tbilisi for 1 or 2 nights. On the first day you arrive in Tbilisi, you will be informed about your current situation after being examined in detail by our IVF team. On the same day, you have to go to the notary public office where an agreement is signed with the SURROGATE MOTHER. The next morning after the first night of the stay, egg collection and sperm donation are done in the clinic. After 3 or 4 hours of rest you can return to Turkey by the evening plane. If you wish you can stay one more night in Tbilisi and return to Turkey by plane the next morning. Our experienced and friendly team will be with you throughout all this process.

After birth, you should plan to stay in Tbilisi for 1 week. After birth, the baby has to be kept in the hospital under the supervision of our doctors for all health examinations for the first 4 days. For this reason, we reserve a suite for you to be with your baby at the hospital. You will be staying at the hotel for four days for completion of the remaining works. Our local team will be with you continuously during this week and meet all your needs.

Organization of Transportation and Accommodation

Once your application is finalized, your flight tickets, your, hotel, hotel-hospital-airport and notary transfers will be organized according to your scheduled treatment schedule. All these costs are collected in a price package...